lloyd Taco Truck / lloyd Taco Factory

Since the white 1987 step-van with “lloyd” crudely painted on the sides hit the streets of Buffalo in 2010, lloyd’s name has become synonymous with high quality, scratchmade street food — and that standard remains a cornerstone of his business.

Lloyd Taco Factory — lloyd’s brick and mortar locations — are an extension of lloyd’s well-known, bright green food trucks. The Taco Factory is what you’d get if Willy Wonka opened a restaurant. In addition to a fleet of food trucks, lloyd has two Taco Factory brick and mortar restaurant locations, one in Williamsville and the original in N. Buffalo.

Look for the signature lloyd green food truck every Saturday during the season — they are a proud sponsor of the Williamsville Farmers Market.

Learn more about lloyd Taco Truck or Taco Factory at whereslloyd.com.

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