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Child’s Blueberries

A natural entrepreneur, Dan Childs began selling wild blueberries he picked from the family farm in Humphrey, NY and sold them door-to-door in South Buffalo at the tender age of six. Still as a youngster, Dan then developed a bicycle route in East Aurora selling summer squash he grew and also sold the surplus in front of Loblaw’s or the old East Aurora railroad station. Dan’s family had begun planting blueberries in the 1970’s at their farm, and in 1985, led by his father Bob Childs, Child’s Blueberries was born!

Dan made the decision to leave corporate America behind to learn farming through a formal education, reading every “blueberry document” he could get his hands on, and the real-world farmer’s “school of hard knocks.”

Dan’s wife Carrie, along with several other family members, help run the family farm. They also employ many seasonal hired pickers.

Each blueberry bush is pruned, weeded, irrigated, fertilized, mulched, and picked. And the end result . . . juicy, sweet blueberries that burst in your mouth with each bite you take! They currently grow 50 varieties of blueberries. They also grow elderberries for wine.

Dan enjoys the Williamsville Farmers Market at the Mill, especially “chatting with the many cool customers” he meets each week. Stop by the market, say hello to Dan and discover for yourself the delicious taste of his homegrown blueberries! And oh, by the way, in Dan’s “spare time” he teaches 5th – 12th grade business and computers. Really Dan, when do you sleep?

Childs Blueberries
3172 Cooper Hill Road
Humphrey Township
Hinsdale, NY 14743

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