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Mrowka Farm

Posted by on May 3, 2014 in Featured Farmers | 0 comments

We’d like to extend a warm “Hello” to the Mrowka Farm family of Lockport, one of the market’s original farmers from day one in 2007, who sadly lost their cherry crop this year due to the unseasonable hot temperatures in March that were followed by yet another freeze. They’re unable to be with the Market this year, and we dearly miss them and look forward to their return next market season! The farm tractor in the distance was rumbling slowly towards us as we stood overlooking the 114 acres known as Mrowka Farm on a crisp, sunny April day on Lower Mountain Road in Lockport. Getting off his tractor, third generation farmer Frank Mrowka greeted my husband Phil and I with a hearty handshake before leading us on a walking tour through deep tractor ruts woven over time throughout his...

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